My All Time Favorite “Hot Spot”, Roturua, Of Course!

Roturua….a hot spot for everyone, young and old. Why? It’s the geothermal hotspot for people in the know. You don’t know what a geothermal hotspot is? That’s okay. That’s why you are here reading my blog and I’m your guide. Let’s start the tour in my favorite place in New Zealand…Hells Gate. Hells yeah! It’s probably one of the finest places to receive thermal spa treatments on the planet. What makes this place so special? Let’s list them, shall we?

In fornt of Hells Gate

Roturua is on the North Island, which is full of volcanic activity. Roturua is home to the hottest waterfall in the Southern Hemisphere. You can’t stand underneath it, but being there is close enough! There are actual hot mud baths and pools to sink into. I especially enjoy this during the night, when it’s quiet, under the stars. The mud cleanses the pores and the skin with extraction benefits. When you are done, there are cool, natural waterfalls to rinse the mud from your body, the perfect collision of hot and cold remedies. Ahh…relaxation! There are numerous thermal blue and green lakes located throughout the region for your release. There are 50 gorgeous acres of private pools, steam cliffs and mud baths to meet every need. If the spa like environment isn’t for you, never fear! There are other things to do in the area.


For adventurers, check out the Canopy Tour. This tour lasts three hours and includes small, narrow suspension bridges, tree platforms, and gorgeous views of the forest and vegetation in the area. Cool and exhilarating!

Want something more earthly? Keep your feet on the ground and hike the Whakarewarewa Forest. There are endless trails for hikers, mountain bikers and equestrians among the Giant Sequoia Trees. The trees in this forest are related to the California Redwoods, for those who have had the pleasure of visiting Northern California in the United States. Maps are available for hikers and bikers. You could spend all day exploring the beauty of this area. Pack water and a picnic lunch, and your day is complete.


For the shopper in you (like me) I seek out what the local culture has to offer. The Maori, an indigenous people of the area, inhabits this part of New Zealand. It’s well worth a visit to their market. You may purchase cultural carvings and other artifacts. But, the best part is to stay for the Hangi. This is a cultural feast of meats and vegetables. Meats are roasted in the earth, developing a rich, smoky flavor and veggies are steamed over the thermal pools. The Maori demonstrate cultural dances, rituals and weaponry if you are interested.


There are so many choices, how do you decide? It’s tough. Bit take my word, this part of New Zealand is magical and special and should not be missed!

With 144 Islands To Choose From, How Could You Not Visit?

Hi friends! Starting my blog about New Zealand has been fun, as I hope to share with you some of my very favorite places to visit and my wish is that you thoroughly enjoy the suggestions. Imagine yourself writing about your country or hometown; there are probably too many places to mention that you’d like your guests to experience, right? How do you narrow down the choices? It’s not as easy as one may think. New Zealand has too many beautiful, special places I’d love to share with you! But, if I had to pick one of my favorite destinations, it would be the Bay of Islands. Why? Because I’m a water girl I grew up on the lakes in Queensland so what better place to recommend to someone who truly enjoys water and watersports? Look no further than the Bay of Islands. Seriously, there are 144 total islands to explore! Really? Yes! And not to mention, the water is crystal clear and gorgeous for all the activities you wish to try.


So what’s offered here? Pretty much any water sport you can possibly imagine. Do you enjoy scuba diving? In 1985, a disagreement between the French and Greenpeace lead to a boat sinking, which was sad and devastating. Through the tragedy, Greenpeace donated the sunken boat to form a natural reef. Today, scuba divers may explore the reef, the vessel and the indigenous creatures of the region. Do you prefer to stay on top of the water? No Problem! Check out opportunities to waterski, windsurf and sail.


If your passion is to be close to nature, consider a whale or dolphin watch boat. Both offer views to experience these magnificent creatures in their natural habitats. You may even spot an Orca whale! Penguins, marlin, and seals are also there depending on where you decide to visit. Most excursions offer food and beverages or you may pack a meal and drink of your choice for the day.

If both at sea and undersea adventures leave you underwhelmed, there are plenty of beaches to sunbathe and swim. Stay close to shore, while experiencing the beauty of the oceans and lakes without getting wet.

New Zealand_South Island_Milford Sound Lake and Mountains_APT_2065_LLR

The island of Paihia is a good place to start, as it offers most excursions and beaches from its shores. Are your feelings romantic but want to avoid the high sun? Choose a romantic sail at sunset or during the evening hours, enjoying the one you love in a beautiful and tranquil escape. There is truly something for everyone at the Bay of Islands! I’ve travelled there as a single person and after I married. Both times, I couldn’t ‘t have asked for a more scenic, relaxing and diverse holiday! Cheerio!